Thursday, January 5, 2012


Berikut adalah pandangan Just Hopin, seorang pemerhati ekonomi dan politik Iraq - khususnya berkaitan dengan Dinar Iraq:

A few of us have been around since the dinar was first speculated to rise in value. But majority of us came on board over the past couple of years.

2010 and 2011 is likely the most active years during this lengthy journey. We all witnessed history as Iraq transformed into a new country, developing a government, developing an economy, and maintaining a democracy.

Its rare in history we can watch with a close eye the building of a democracy.

No, its not perfect but nor was the United States at its inception. The United States continues to develop a democracy meanwhile respecting the framework the founding fathers gave us. Iraq is in the same situation.

I realize the constant progress we see in the news on a daily basis (as of late) is encouraging. However I also realize the false and misleading intel generated from the rumor mills offsets this excitement.

While we haven't reached a point in history that we can look back on a glorious revaluation of the dinar we can look back to see major achievements Iraq has made.

2012 for Iraq will be evermore exciting.

We are seeing key elements come to a close that has been anticipated for years..these issues include an approved banking reform law, HCL Law, Investment Law, Iraq-Kuwait relations restored, all Chapter VII sanctions lifted, and Currency Reform.

These particular issues may directly or indirectly be important to the RV. Time will only tell us the truth.

Iraqi politicians appear to feel the urgency to pass these essential laws and meet important thresholds in order to keep progress moving forward as it begins to act as a sovereign country.

As I have mentioned before Iraq will meet a a crossroad.

Today we are seeing Iraq demonstrate tremendous growth potential, foreign investors are on the doorstep of Iraq, oil is pumping bringing in record revenues, and Kiplinger today announced Iraq will be the fastest growing economy in the world in 2012.

The current laws in place will allow the continued growth however eventually key investment laws will be needed, private sector growth will need to take place, international trade will become an issue (WTO), a tradeable currency will become necessary, and sanctions will need to be lifted to ease the fear of foreign investors.

Therefore in the next few weeks watch for key legislative issues and continued Chapter VII discussion to take place.

In the length of time I have been involved I have never been more attentive to the news emerging from Iraq. I urge you to do the same.

These are exciting times.

Keep you faith